Anders Hardebring new CEO of AppBooster

AppBooster has quickly won a lot of awards and honors that Vinnova VinnNu and Venture Cup business plan competition where the company was 2nd of the 380st contributions in Venture Cup West Region Final and won the audience award with 47% of votes in the Venture Cup Sweden Final.

AppBooster is a spin-off from OptiCaller Software that has opened up its cloud-based app management / distributor platform for other apps than OptiCaller.

Since AppBooster Sweden AB started up in September 2011, Mattias Hansson had dual roles as CEO of both OptiCaller Software AB and AppBooster Sweden AB. Now that AppBooster also has received investor Anders Hardebring recruited as the new CEO.

Mattias Hansson is very pleased with the recruitment of Anders Hardebring. Anders is an experienced entrepreneur with a great experience in the mobile industry. Anders has previously been CEO of a number of startup companies here and done a great job.

Anders Hardebring think AppBooster has a unique product / service that is also patented a very large global market. Companies today have a high cost to manage and distribute the apps and this has AppBooster a solution that reduces the cost to the customer by about 80%. Furthermore, it is difficult for an end user to find the right app in app stores from over 1 million apps that are there today. This "pull" behavior makes it difficult and AppBooster method instead "push" the app with or without settings much easier for the user. AppBooster enables also to distributors and retailers have the opportunity to earn revenue on apps which is not the case when apps are distributed through Google Play or Appstore.

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Telephone:  070-5910614


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