Asterisk event in Göteborg and Stockholm

OptiCall Software and Olle E Johansson with company Edvina arrange Asterisk event in Stockholm on 28th November and in Göteborg on 29th november. Olle E. Johansson is Europe's "Mr. Asterisk" and has booted Astreisk fair Astricon, with the Asterisk steering committee, responsible for a number of major projects and Asterisk via his company Edvina Asterisk implements programs globally.

2N from the Czech Republic will also attend seminar and presents their latest GSM/3G/4G Gateways that can be integrated with the PBX and achieve considerable savings and increased mobility.

During the seminar we will discuss:

  • Asterisk from unknown open source project to the world's most widely used telephone with market shares between 40-50%. Why has it been this success?
  • Why is it important that retailers also now take into Asterisk in their product portfolio? What are the cost benefits and other advantages, I like gear retailers achieve?
  • How can the Asterisk used as a custom Centrex platform?
  • How integrated OptiCaller Software Mobility module "OptiCaller PBX Connect for Asterisk" into an Asterisk base PBX? What are the advantages of this solution against such Aastra MX ONE formerly the leading platform.
  • Ten tips on how to succeed with your Asterisk solution.
  • How can a 2N GSM/3G/4G Gateway is used to half a company's cost of telephone calls from the PBX to mobile phones? Analysis of a series of heavy reference projects where 2N's GM Gateway half the company call costs.


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