Innovaphone and OptiCaller Software offers unique Mobile PBX and call optimization.

innovaphone is an industry leader in IP-PBX and Centrex systems which is possible to virtualize with VMWare has implemented OptiCaller Softwares patented Call-Back technology.

Together with OptiCaller Software’s System and APP’s which is available for all smartphones (Android, iPhone, Symbian, Blackberry, Windows Mobile 6.X and an upcoming Windows Phone 7 App.) it is possible to lower the mobile telephony costs with 40-95% when calling regularly in the Operator’s home area but also when travelling abroad and using the Call-Back functionality.

OptiCaller Softwares Application earlier had support for functionality such as:

  • Call Through – Which gives the “ONE Number” solution for mobile phone calls, calls from the fixed phone and Softphones.
  • PBX Functions – Through our user-friendly interface instead of dodgy *#-Codes
  • Telepresence – is another function included with the innovaphone and can easily be utilized through OptiCaller

innovaphone has since the beginning, in 1997, been grabbing market share every year says Mattias Hansson, CEO at OptiCaller Software. The partnership with innovaphone is great and together with their distributors we can offer OptiCaller Software to the global market. Kent Jensen, the Area Manager for innovaphone is impressed by OptiCaller Software’s product catalogue with software for all smartphones and our powerful App Management system, which makes working with the product easier for our resellers. OptiCaller has got a number of unique features compared to the competing system manufacturers.


innovaphone will shortly introduce a new distributor on the Swedish market.

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