Innovative operator, InnoTel, launches cost saving services based on OptiCaller software

The operator InnoTel launches its unique enterprise operator service SmartCaller during Mobile World Congress. SmartCaller is based on OptiCaller Software patented technology and provides the following customer benefits:

- International call through, which reduces mobile callcosts by 40-95%.

- Call back, which reduces roaming charges with in average 50% when travelling by being called up instead originating the call yourself.
- ONE Number solution, or the ability to choose what outgoing number to use.
- Voice presence control, in the mobile phone with a user-friendly graphical interface to steer the PBX.

- Premium voice quality, equivalent to any leading operator.

Mattias Hansson, CEO of OptiCaller Software is impressed by InnoTels innovative telephony services. "InnoTel is the first new operator to fully package an offer which is easy to use, decrease enterprises costs drastically with the same sound quality as they have with their ordinary operator. We are happy to be part of their solution. The reason they will succeed is because they are a complement and not a substitute."

The Smartphone revolution opens doors for OTT (over the top) operators like Innotel to enter the market for corporate telephony. OptiCaller has the best software in the market for making the mobile phone a natural part of the PBX. What we are doing is taking it to the next level by simply adding our operator services to their solution like a cloud service. The customer does not have to do installation in their PBX and can start to save money from day one, says Daniel Dersén, CEO of Innotel.

Contact Information

OptiCall Software AB
Mattias Hansson, CEO
Phone + 46 (0) 31 301 22 62


InnoTel AB
Daniel Dersén, CEO
Phone + 46 (0) 708 470484


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