OptiCaller Software + Aastra PBX's


The OptiCaller Software is now specially adapted to the Aastra MX1 PBX which makes it possible to use Data Call Back directly towards these exchanges without an external server. OptiCaller’s graphical interface manages PBX functions such as: in / out of sales groups, park and connect calls, presence handling (lunch, meeting, vacation m.m.) with specific time and/or date

The benefits with OptiCaller Software, compared to Aastra’s own mobile client, AMC is according to our resellers:

Its easier to work and manage clients/licenses in our mobile provisioning system.

  • It’s possible to tailor the user interface to remove those functions that an individual might not use, and through this add even more customer value.
  • Flexible licensing model. There is both timed and unlimited licenses to work well together with whichever contract resellers are selling their PBX’s with.
  • More supported platforms (Android, iPhone, Symbian, WinMob 6,5, Blackberry and Windows 7 during Q4).
  • A software that works towards all of our PBX platforms, Centrex systems and Presence systems (also works with LG-Ericsson, Avaya, Panasonic, Asterisk, Siemens, Nortel, Cisco, Centile, Broadsoft, Visionsutveckling, Trio, Datatal, Netwise, CMG m.fl.)
  • The OptiCaller UI (User interface) also adds user value to the mobile operators own mobile PBX systems.
  • Better call optimization and user friendliness.
  • Support for Try&Buy licenses. This means that customers can test the OptiCaller Software free-of-charge for one month, and if the customer is satisfied with the test-period it is very easy to send out an SMS and make it a real license.

If you are a reseller/distributor of Aastra/Ericsson PBX’s you can try the OptiCaller client for free! Contact us for a walk-through and a Try&Buy client sent into your phone! 

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