OptiCaller Software expands on the Polish market by the distributor Kontel

OptiCaller Software AB has signed distributor agreement with Polish distributor Kontel. Mattias Hannson CEO OptiCaller Software is very pleased to sign the agreement with Kontel is a distributor that has existed for over 20 years and is based in Warzawa. The company is a true family business that has an impressive portfolio of telephony products to the corporate market. The Polish market is currently the fastest growing economy in Europe and we look forward with great confidence in this partnership.

Marek Wisniewski working as CEO of Kontel: "I'm impressed of OptiCaller Software product that is unique in a number of areas:

  • Work with all PBX's.
  • Built-call optimization.
  • Possible to customize the app to every business and users.
  • Unique provisioning system that simplifies the administration and management of OptiCall".

Learn more about Kontel www.kontel.pl


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