OptiCaller Software is optimized towards Telenor ONE mobile PBX

Telenor ONE is Telenor’s mobile exchange service which is developed to give a company an exchange service in witch only thecell phone is used. One of the limitations in Telenor ONE is that the service does not include a mobile client/software.

The OptiCaller client makes Telenor ONE a lot more user-friendly. The users can through the client’s graphical interface choose if they want to refer to (Lunch, meeting, gone for the day etc.) or just walk in or out of groups. Without the OptiCaller client, the user has to remember both access numbers and the different current DTMF codes. This is dodgy and not very user-friendly witch often results in a reduced use of the great functions of an exchange!

With OptiCaller Pro it’s also possible to optimize calls witch greatly reduces the costs of calls made abroad. (International Roaming)

As a reseller of Telenor ONE’s services it is now possible to increase the profits by adding the OptiCaller Software to the package. Through the powerful provisioning system, www.mobile-provisioning.com, a reseller can log in, add their customers, set the phone-number and model of the phone to be used and then the system itself sends out an SMS with a download-link to the program witch automatically uses the Telenor ONE exchange profile, all in a matter of minutes.

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