OptiCaller Software launches "OptiCaller PBX Connect for Asterisk" on Asterisk fair VoIP2Day

Open Source Asterisk based switch has quickly become the most widely installed telephone exchange in the world. In South America, Asterisk now has over 50% market share and in the U.S. about 40%.

Among the reference customers include companies such as Google, Ebay and in the Nordic countries are the University of Oslo and the 20st Norwegian municipalities.

A past weakness of Asterisk has been that it has not been at the top in terms of integration of mobile phones. With mobility module "OptiCaller PBX Connect for Asterisk" with the software OptiCaller and its cloud-based provisioning system now takes Asterisk pole position with a number of unique features:

  • Unique call optimization where users dial directly mobile calls, call-through or call back and reduce call costs by between 40-95%.
  • Fast call set up by call-through and call-back which now only takes about 7-9 seconds.
  • Ability to control all Asterisk PBX functions directly in the mobile phone.
  • Ability to customize OptiCaller software to every user or company.
  • Support for branding.
  • Low cost to administer users and send out OptiCaller app with settings by the powerful cloud-based app management / distribution system AppBooster.

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