OrecX launches mobile call recording solution based on OptiCaller

At the Mobile World Congress OrecX launches a state of art mobile call recording solutions in cooperation with OptiCaller Software.

OrecX provides customers with an Open Source voice recording application that's easy to install, use, and maintain, and develop an ongoing development platform that ensures a substantially lower cost structure than proprietary voice recorders.

OptiCaller Software provide a flexible software for mobile PBX with a unique call optimization and an powerful app management & distribution system AppBooster.

The "OptiCaller OrecX" mobile client is availble for all Smartphons (Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Mobile 6.X and Windows Phone 7) and provides following customer benefits:

- mobile call recording there all mobile calls are routed thru the PBX and OrecX call recording platform

- Call optimization which saves 40-95% of mobile calls

- ONE Number solution for both mobilephone and deskphone

- PBX services in the mobile phone with a user friendly interface.

- Works also with all PBX and Centrex systems.

Mattias Hansson, CEO of OptiCaller Software is impressed by OrecX innovative call recording services. –"OrecX Open Source solutions decrease enterprises costs drastically for call recording system."

"OptiCaller has the best software in the market for making the mobile phone a natural part of the PBX and together with OrecXs' open call recording  platform, we deliver a powerful solution for companies who need to record their mobile phones" says Steve Kaiser CEO of OrecX.  "OptiCaller's app management & distribution platform "AppBooster" simplifies configuration and deployment of hundreds of "OptiCaller OrecX" apps in just a couple of minutes."


Contact Information

OptiCall Software AB
Mattias Hansson, CEO
Phone + 46 (0) 31 301 22 62


Steve Kaiser, CEO
Phone +1 312 291 4168


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