SIPGear and OptiCaller with unique mobile switching and support for callback

SIPGear as the magazine Telekom Today was chosen as the best IP switch has now also implemented in OptiCaller Software patents approved callback technology.

Along with OptiCallers software/apps that are developed for all smartphones (Android, iPhone, Symbian, Blackberry, Windows Mobile 6.X and soon Windows Phone 7) are possible to reduce mobile costs by between 40-95% for both calls nationwide and roaming where the callback technology is used.

OptiCaller software has previously also support other SIPGear features:

  • Call Through providing "ONE number" for both mobile and fixed phone calls and smartphones.
  • PBX Functions via user-friendly graphical interface instead of complicated * # codes.
  • Reference is another feature which is now built into SIPGear and can easily be handled by OptiCaller.

Mattias Hansson, CEO of OptiCaller Software says it is especially gratifying to work with SIPGear that today is the only Swedish gear manufacturer. SIPGear also has one of the most user-friendly and feature-rich telephone exchanges that offer the customer a lot of money.

Philip Wachtmeister, who is co-founder of SIPGear says I am impressed from OptiCaller Software products for all smartphones, and a powerful App Management system that makes it easier for our customers and dealers to send out the software. OptiCaller has a number of unique features compared to competing systems.


Mattias Hansson
CEO OptiCall Software AB
Phone: 031-500535

Philip Wachtmeister
Chairman SIPGear AB
Phone: 08-12203110

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