Swedish startup OptiCaller Software launches mobility module - for Asterisk® at Mobile World Congress 2012

Barcelona, March 27th 2012: At the Mobile World Congress exhibition 2012, OptiCaller Software launches the Opticaller MobileAdapter for Asterisk, a module for mobile integration and call optimization for the Open Source Asterisk* PBX.

OptiCaller MobileAdapter is a software module that integrates the OptiCaller mobile application seamlessly with the Asterisk PBX - and applications built upon Asterisk, like Switchvox, Elastix, FreePBX and many others.

The OptiCaller app exists in many versions for leading smartphone platforms, Android, iPhone, Windows Phone 7, Symbian, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile 6.x.

Adding the Opticaller solution to the Asterisk PBX, the users will get the following advantages:
 - Call optimization, which reduces call costs by an average of 40-95% through innovative fast call set-up (Call Through & Call Back)
 - ONE number and ONE voicemail for both mobile and landline extensions
 - PBX functions directly into the mobile phone, easily accessible for the user

Mattias Hansson, Co-Founder and CEO of OptiCaller Software AB says "it has been a huge demand to get OptiCaller better integrated with Asterisk".
The Opticaller MobileAdapter for Asterisk is the result of several years of development in close cooperation with the leading operators and system-integrators using the Asterisk platform.

Olle E Johansson, a well known profile in the Asterisk community - developer, teacher and co-founder of the Astricon conference, has been involved in the architecture of the MobileAdapter for Asterisk.
"The Opticaller solution integrates the smart phone in the enterprise phone system in a way that is easily integrated into any Asterisk-based solution. This will lead the way for a new set of mobile integration applications combining enterprise telephony with the smartphone." says Olle E. Johansson of Edvina AB, Sweden, member of the Opticaller advisory board.

Are you interested to learn more about how the Opticaller platform and the new MobileAdapter for Asterisk can help you improve your Asterisk mobile solution, please register in the 2 hours web-based technology training OptiCaller Academy. http://www.opticaller.com/support/opticaller-academy



Mattias Hansson CEO OptiCaller Software AB

E-mail: mattias@opticaller.se
Phone: +46313012262
Video: OptiCaller in 1 minute: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQbrO8X0fkQ&feature=player_embedded


* Asterisk is a registred trademark of Digium, Inc.


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